Thursday, August 6, 2009

NOT a "walk in the park"

Today was Ava's last day of Camp Amigos (her summer day camp). We have been attending twice a week for two day, so today all 11 attendees and their parents/siblings met at the park for a picnic before saying "Goodbye" for good.

The parents were all sitting on our blankets chatting and the kiddos were climbing, running, laughing, fighting, and over all playing with all their might. Adorable, of course;0) From my beach towel I was keeping an eye on Ava, making sure she played nicely and more importantly didn't do anything insane, like jump off the top of the monkey bars or something. About an hour into our picnic I look up and don't see Ava. I stood up to see if she was crouched down in a tube or something. She was not on the play ground. I start to turn around to see if she is running in the nearby field and I find her about 25 feet away. Oh she was crouched down all right, but what I saw STOPPED me in my tracks. Ava was in a full squat, pooping. Oh yes, about 25 feet from the parents. We all cracked up!! It was gross and hilarious.
Now, I tried to go over to shield her from view but she asked for "privacy". I guess "privacy" when you are pooping in the grass in public has it's own definition. This park did not have public restrooms and so you can't really blame the kid, but scooping my childs poop up with a plastic bag tops my list of grossest mom moments. (I DID take a photograph, but will refrain posting it on public domain since the world is full of perverts.)