Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

I went to the Women of Faith conference today in Indianapolis. Did you know that you can really get a bloody nose when you sit all day in the infamous "nose bleed" section. I have the crusty nose to prove it. TMI? Sorry 'bout that. I DID learn a few more "spiritual" things...

Today I was challenged on forgiving my husband. I tend to "sort of " forgive- whatever that means. Really I think it is my avoidance technique. God help my husband when I am sleep deprived or have PMS, cuz all sorts of way old crap can come flinging out at him. The quote that really stuck with me was "When I forgave my husband he was finally allowed to heal, because he no longer had to wake up wondering what the 'temperature' of the house was that day." (The speaker's husband had a shopping addiction and had put their family on the brink of total emotional ruin...I mean seriously- if God can give her freedom through forgiveness of such a big thing who am I to hold grudges about stupid little things?!) I felt God's finger pointing RIGHT at me...I can tend to be a rather volatile weather system. I may look stable, but a high pressure system bumps into me and thunder and lightning strike.

I was also challenged because I tend to be a VERY good compartmentalizer. It is "hard" to hurt me or affect me for long. I tend to just not let myself feel this or that. There are many reasons for this...I could totally blame my mom for telling me a million and one times to "not wear my feelings on my sleeve." but I am pretty sure have multiple friends die (the first when I was just 15) may have something to do with that. Anywho- I realized I really need to force myself to work through emotions and connect with others even when it is risky or painful.

WOAH- serious post- but that is where I am;) I laughed a lot today too- one of the reasons I love this conference, is because they are all such good story tellers, but I can't begin to choose which story to repeat or begin to do their funny tales of woe justice.

On a totally random side note- Phin is talking. I am pretty sure that "nananana" is me (mama?), but not 100%. We are 100% sure that he is saying "all done". It sounds like "ah dah". Pretty cute. He'll do his "sign" for all done and say "ah dah" when he is finished eating. If you don't get it the first time, he'll push your hand offering him the food away and say, "ah dah" a little louder. He is adorable.

Ava and Marc painted an precious little bird house today. She had a vision for a rainbow bird house...and when they had finished painting it, she said, "It is just the way I wanted it." Must be nice to have something turn out as you envision it...I have never been so lucky artistically;)

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