Monday, April 1, 2013

Prayer Request for our Upcoming Tri

Life has so many big thing going on, I just haven't been able to process it all.  There are people with much bigger problems, but I am so in need of Jesus to get me through this life stage.  Just too much to juggle on my own- at least successfully.  Here are the things I am laying at Jesus feet multiple times through out the day and when they wake me up at night;)  I thought I'd share, cuz I know many of you are praying for us, and I can't thank you enough!

1) Safe Travels
2) Juggling Ava and Phin in Haiti.  I can't deny that I am in someways dreading being in Haiti itself, not with Christian, but in the country.  It's HARD there...can't adequately describe it.  It definitely is easier with others, but it's hard to be there just believe me;)  Anxiety creeps in about bringing two kids along when it is already hard for their mama, but I know God is big and will use this in their lives.
3) Christian- please pray that he will be open to all of us.  I had a really good trip with him last time that surpassed my expectations, but this is hard for him.  Imagine some adult your toddler had seen twice coming and taking them from your home for five days.  Heart breaking, right?  Please pray that God opens his heart to us that he feels loved and safe and not just overwhelmed.  Please pray for good bonding with ALL of us.  I really felt God all over the last trip and I am 100% confident he needs to be all over this one, as well!
4) Please pray that he'll sleep.  Last trip he slept pretty well except the last night- but he was sick and I'd given him Benadryl- I get concerned about poor sleep with all of us being in the same room.  It's one thing if I am tired....but Ava and Phin being exhausted too?  well, that could get nasty;)
5)  Please pray for favor with Judges and US Embassy.  We will appear before two judges.  It is pretty simple procedure, but needs God's hand on it.  We'll file his immigration papers at the embassy so please pray for a smooth process there, as well.
6) Quick issuance of our adoption decree (this must happen post court appearance).
7) Ministry of Interior of Haiti to approve his passport, etc. quickly.

On the personal front:
I always have a hard time emotionally leaving him and jumping back into life.  We arrive late Friday night into Chicago.  We'll drive home Saturday morning and Marc starts commuting to his new job that Monday.  There won't be time for me to be paralyzed with emotion.  I'll be needin' God's strength in a big way to not just care for my kids here with joy, but to keep on top of a house that is on the market.

God is in all of this.  It feels like there isn't much time to come up for air and yet, he is breathing air into the situations.  My tendency is to retreat and want to find him solely in stillness, and that is important, but right now, the busyness I hate really is not in my control and I sense him challenging me to seek his hand, his presence, his fingerprints in what I can't control;)  


  1. So thankful God led me to your blog today. We too have two daughters and one son biologically Nd are using All Blessings to adopt from Haiti. We are learning as we go so all your information has been awesome for us! Prayers for your family and your trip to Haiti.

    Jarrod and Alycia Frie

    1. Alycia- I don't know if you'll see this, but email me if you do are a couple facebook groups I think you'd find helpful;) I'm so glad you found the blog....are you matched with child(ren) yet? If so, who are they? I can try to get pic's of them next week for ya- we can never have too many pictures;)

  2. Well, it's a good thing we have a God of have so many things going on at once. I will be praying about your travels, nap times, bed times, health and your sanity.:0) I look forward to reading about the kiddos quick bonding.