Friday, March 29, 2013

Adoption update- On to Parquet Court

We've been on vacation and life, quite honestly, has been moving a bit fast and spasmodically for me at the moment.   I have much I should have blogged- Ava's actual birthday day, vacation, Easter preparation and to be quite honest, I probably just won't get to it.  I feel like we are just barely hanging on to the ride of life at the moment.  Nothing is "bad" at the moment or to be complained about, just so much, that all I can do is just live, no extras;) 

The first night of our vacation, we had a conference call with our agency director about next steps in our adoption, along with three other families recently granted dispensation.  We are all on to the next step, Parquet Court.  This is good news, more progress;)  We will head to Haiti and appear in two different courts, basically answering basic questions: yes, we know Christian's story, yes we want to adopt him, yes we will provide for him, etc.  We will also file our I-600 immigration form at the US Embassy in Haiti, which petitions the US government to classify an orphan as an immediate relative..

We have to be in Haiti 4 business days for this appointment so it will be our longest trip to date. Our children have been asking to join us since day one, so we have decided to bring Phin and Ava with us on this trip, as it is most likely the last time both Marc and I will travel together to Haiti.  We will be leaving Chloe behind with family.  The kids have to go to all our appointments with us, she just couldn't handle it.  She hates traveling anyway (even asking DAILY to go home on our quite luxurious vacation;), the culture shock of Haiti on top of it, AND sharing mommy when SHE feels vulnerable...there just isn't an upside to bringing her other than her not feeling left out.  It'll be interesting.  I know the kids will LOVE meeting Christian.  I also know it will be hard for them to have only the food prepared for them, to have no luxuries they are used to, etc.  I think they will rise to the occasion and be blessed for it.  I am so excited to introduce them in person to their very special little heart could burst at the simple thought of that first moment!

We leave VERY quickly;)  We head out 4/ we are home barely a week from vacation before turning around and leaving for Haiti.  Our restful vacation was not quite as "restful" as planned, as we had to book flights, figure out schedules, get permission for Ava to miss a lot of school, move back Marc's start date at his new job, etc.  We also had to make appointments at the US passport bureau the day we returned to get immediate passports for Ava and Phin as we need them in less than two weeks.  It was sort of a flurry of getting our ducks in a row...though let's be completely honest, doing this in the sun by the swimming pool sure beat being on the phone in my kitchen with snow outside;)  Not as restful as planned, but certainly more exciting;)

God is good, more progress AND we were able to swing bringing two kids.  We also get to travel with two other families, which makes time in Haiti much easier and more enjoyable than being in a guest house alone.

What does this mean for bringing Christian home?  We don't exactly know.  It could still be 6 months or more until we get him home, it could be a matter of a couple months, we just have to wait and see.  We'll still need an adoption decree issued in Haiti post Court, that issues Christian our last name officially.  Then it needs to be legalized by the court, then by three other departments.  Each department could act quickly or super slowly, no way to tell;P  Then we need to get a Haitian passport (that part of the process is apparently pretty reliably and takes 1-2 weeks), then a US Visa and FINALLY we get to pick him up and bring him home....he will be a US citizen upon hitting US soil. 

We are hopeful to have him home in the next 6 months, but nothing is guaranteed, so please keep praying for us!


  1. Wow! PTL for forward momentum! Your plate is full.....have put you & fam on the "pray for" list.

  2. I am in awe of how God works and His timing for all of this ... LOVE that Christian was a part of your vacation :) Reminds me of God's timing last summer when we were praying Nora home and got through a very big step when we were up in the Northwoods! Love and prayers as you venture through this next step!

  3. Kim, I am so happy for you guys!! I was going to call to catch up, but will wait until after you get back. Praying for all of you these next few weeks! Safe travels :)