Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our Third Trip to Haiti- Part Two

April 10, 2013-

Today we attended court.  The H's and we were very thankful that the departure time wasn't until 8:30am.  The beds at the guesthouse are clean but hard as rocks.  None of us are sleeping well and more time to catch a few zzz's is appreciated.

We decided last night that since we'll be done with business today we will depart Haiti tomorrow, a day earlier than scheduled.  Chloe is doing well at my sister's but misses us.  We wondered what is the right balance of time with Christian.  We want as much time as we can get and yet we want our time with him to bless HIM and not be too much or cause too much attachment.  We prayed for wisdom and decided if American Airlines would wave fees to change flights (it doesn't hurt to ask;), it would be a sign that we should go home.  American airlines did wave two of the four change fees.  When you take away one nights payment at the guesthouse it became almost free to change flights AND they had four seats for us on Thursday.

Sonia informs us that the schedule is to go to court, then to the Creche for lunch and then they will take us to the market and such for souvenirs.  I am concerned about this plan.  Communication isn't perfect, but I express my concern that this is more back and forth for Christian, that it may confuse him more to take him to the creche for an afternoon only to pull him away again.  She says she "will think".  I don't have great confidence in that moment that she's understands what I am saying.

We decide that if we have to go to the creche for lunch, we may leave Christian there.  The thought of losing a day from him is heart breaking.  Ava and Phin are heart broken at the possibility.  It's hard to explain our rationale to them.  We just know if we go back to the creche and Christian doesn't want to leave we aren't putting him through that trauma again.  It just doesn't seem right.  He is too young to understand what is happening.

Because this is a possibility, we decide to celebrate his birthday even if it's small right away in the morning.  His birthday is in a couple weeks, but we planned on celebrating with him while we are there.  I don't want to miss that.  We missed his first birthday (we didn't know him yet;), we are DEFINITELY celebrating his second.  I hang some decor and we wrap the presents we got for him.

 Ava hanging with Christian while mommy hangs decorations and wraps gifts.

 Hey, it may not be a typical Kim party, but you can be sure it's still a party;)

 Papa shows Christian how to open gifts...and he catches on quickly

Phin picked out a Mr. Potato Head to give him.  He immediately smiled when opening it. 

Ava chose catepillar stacking cups. 

We gave him a peg board. 

 The coolest part is that he really seemed to get it.  He seemed to know it was about him and special and he beamed!

 If you know Phin at all, you know he LOVES Mr. Potato Head!   He was so excited that Christian loved it to and showed him the ins and outs of changing pieces.

Ava showed him more silliness...

He caught on quickly;)

Here's our almost Two Year Old...lovin' celebrating his year, buddy, you better believe you'll have a party to remember.  This will be the last birthday away from home....praise God.

Before we knew it 8:30am had come and it was time to leave for court.  We gathered our things; I can't deny my heart was heavy at the possibility of letting him go within a few hours.  Time just felt too short.

The car ride was surreal.  Traffic was unbelievable and the usually short ride took an hour and a half.  That is not the slightest exaggeration.  I could never adequately describe the trip.  It was unbelievable.  Mrs. H was prepared for the little girls car sickness.  She had plastic bags all ready; they sat at the front of the van.  Soon, there was crying, we knew the girls weren't feeling well and fighting vomiting.  Yesterday may have been their first time getting sick and they seemed terrified to throw up.  I think all four adults were praying they'd be able to vomit cuz we knew they'd feel better.  They did vomit...but I don't think they felt better.  Forty mintues later, they vomitted again.  That time Mrs. H joined them.  She was sick.  Marc was sick, though sitting in the very front.  Mr. H looked green.  Ava was sick, but able to lay on my lap.  Phin was oblivious and I kept wondering when the ride would end.  Christian slept the entire way; I was grateful.  The ride seemed unending.  To say it was bumpy would be a gross understatement.  I could only laugh.  It just was unbelievable.  

A Haitian "Tap-Tap" (their equivilant of a bus system- though no one I asks seems to know how you know you are on the right Tap-Tap) 

a sample of a Haitian Tent (this is large one) 

Homes built on the hill side- it's no surprise that they don't stand up well in heavy rains and mudslides, let alone an earthquake! 

We got stuck behind a protest....possibly over the cost of Petrol, though we weren't certain. 

Even three years post earthquake, there are still areas with tons of rubble, it's unbelievable. 

Prior to the earthquake the presidential palace stood here, it has yet to be rebuilt. 

We stopped at the Creche.  Sonia had gone ahead to get paperwork and we needed to pick her up.  She met us at the van and when she realized the girls were sick decided to let them stay at the Creche and rest.  She explained the day to them in detail.  The oldest, especially understood.  She said to keep Christian for court and explained that she had given it thought and she agreed that bringing Christian into the Creche would be confusing.  We'd go back to the guest house for lunch.  Answered prayer again.

I can't go into detail about court.  But it was EXCEPTIONALLY seamless.  It was quick, there was no wait.  Answered prayer AGAIN.

We picked the girls back up at the Creche and were back at the guest house by noon.  Thankfully traffic eased up on the drive home!  This time no one threw up, but Mrs. H and Marc were still greenish looking for quite a few hours after we arrived back home.  We easily decided to fore go the market or sight seeing and just hang with the kids.  No one wanted to be in the car anymore and we especially didn't want to subject those poor little girls to more sickness.  It seemed the guest house and visiting were enough excitement for the girls and Christian- the market seemed unnecessarily overwhelming.  (Remember Christian was found at approximately a month old and social services had him in Sonia's care within the day.  He had never left the Creche until my last visit.)

It was a great day.  We had some more birthday celebration and great conversation.  In just a few short days, I can say I love the H's.  They have beautiful hearts, amazing stories, and I wish we lived closer! 

 My Itty Bitty Man

 Punching balloons.

 Are you in love with this kid yet?;)

 These two are;)

Yes, he loves tickles;) 

 He was determined to figure out how the bubbles worked, after his observation, he decided to give it a try;)

and he got it!!!!

Papa was a big helper at lunch.  They had a cute way of communicating.  Christian would lightly tap Marc's arm and then when Marc looked at him he'd point to what he wanted to eat;) 

 Three of my Four babies!

Birthday Boy dug his blowers;) 

 He enjoys people and loves to have a good time- fitting right into this family;)

And...perhaps we have a little soccer player on our hands;) 

Bedtime stories... 

And pre-bed cuddles (yes, mama looks wrecked, it is flippin' HOT in Haiti;)

Another day- a beautiful miraculous day and many answered prayers.  My cup overflows.


  1. So glad court went well! The kids look like they thoroughly enjoy each other. Love the last pic!

  2. AH, the car trips- we feel you!! ANd J and I both said "they look like us in AFrica ALL THE TIME- all sweaty and shiny :)" the heat takes it out of you for sure! LOve you all! Great pics and praying!