Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brrr, Sniff, GRRR

Throb, throb, throb goes the head.  Sounds echo around inside- seeming to bounce from one throb to the next.  I just wish I could take a deep breath through my nose so my throat would get a break.  Anyone been there?  Anyone else there now with this change of weather?

I really do like fall, but at the moment I am having to remind myself of that.  I feel cold.  It's been damp and for me that damp cold feels bone chilling.  I do okay in 20 degrees all bundled up, but in this weather, one never seems adequately prepared and I am either an inferno or freezing.  As if I need more indecision in my life;)

Today, I really would like to be sitting in a hot bath- yes, all day.  No, I don't care if my finger, toes and everything else in between prunes.  I want the warmth and the stillness.  I'd take a cup of tea, the couch, and a nice brainless movie as a close second.  I won't get either for a couple more hours;)

Instead, I braved the grocery store with two grumpy littles.  I couldn't put it off because a) we were out of milk (the primary reason for CHLOE's grumpiness) and b) it's double coupon day and there was lots of freebies this week- namely yogurt, which we eat by the truckload.

I did manage to squeeze in a warm shower.  Unfortunately when drying off, I heard some crying followed by, "Chloe, I am sorry, I can't seem to get you out!".  Kind of a clue, I needed to investigate.  So a) I was immediately chilled to the bone because I was dripping went and b) I found that Phineas had locked his little sister in her bedroom.

Our doors are nearly impossible to unlock.  We've had a problem with him locking doors and not being able to get into the bathroom, etc.  Two of our bathrooms have loose door knobs because it takes a great deal of jimmyin' with a screwdriver and the knob to open the suckers.  I've never been able to open them.  Today I tried almost to the point of tears (mine, not Chloe's) and had to call Marc home, out of a meeting.  It took him about 15 minutes to get in.  If you are curious, that means Chloe was in her room for about 45 min.  She emptied her book shelf, but was safe.  Phin's "punishment" ended up working out well.  I told him immediately (in anger, I will admit), "You will sit right here next to the door and you won't move from that spot until we get Chloe out."  It was the longest time out of his life.  Hopefully it finally cures him of this little "trick".  I think the only thing truly damaged in the whole ordeal (besides the now THIRD loose door knob) were my bangs.

I cut bangs two weeks ago and wow, I now never have to wonder if air drying is an option.  I looked like I belonged on a mental ward.  Not to imply that I think all mental patients have bad hair....anywho, I am not sure I've done a great job "fixing" them, but now I look homely instead of psychotic.  I'll take sympathy from others over fear, I guess.

Anywho- my children are currently playing upstairs and it sounds like they may be forming a human tornado, but with the door shut it's more bearable than when they are fighting around my ankles.  I do believe I'll survive until their 7 o'clock bedtime.  It's so close now I can taste it and Survivor starts tonight- all the reason in the world to "push through";)


  1. We're all sick too and I'm praying Eli doesn't require hospitalization. I totally agree with warm bath, dumb movie and tea treatment. Notso at my house, a very distracted husband, s dog w dementia and 3 kids 3 and under.

  2. Blah - sounds like my day too. I had to call Scott home from en route to a Cubs game because Miles started puking and I have to go to class tonight, and figured I couldn't leave a vomiting kid with our intended high-school babysitter.

  3. 30 minutes to go--you can do it! :) And Survivor?? AAAGGHH--I.cannot.wait. Michael Skupin is baaacckk! :) I did like him when he was on--lets hope he doesn't get burned this time. Enjoy!

  4. *sigh*... I feel tired just reading about your day...
    But like I've told you before, I love how you can maintain a sense of humor through it all!