Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our life at the moment....

When you have three children 6 and under- there is sure to be a lot of laughter.  I love the hilarious things my children say and may or may not have trouble disciplining them sometimes when they are disrespectful because it catches me so off guard I react in laughter without thinking.  Yes, sometimes, I can't help but laugh, but I also worry they'll never out grown their childish antics.  Somehow, recording them helps me remember these days will be "over before I know it".

Here are a few examples from the past week:

1) Chloe is number three and a feisty little girl.  She can make Phin cry and she knows it.  I am commonly having to intervene and help him learn to stand up to her teasing.  On our recent road trip, Marc and I were annoyed and yet couldn't help but laugh as Phin fell apart crying because He was imagining he was Buzz Lightyear and Chloe insisted he was not.
Phineas:  I am Buzz Lightyear- To Infinity and Beyond
Chloe (with smirk and nasty tone):  No you NOT!
Phin:  Yes, I am!
Chloe:  You not, Buzz, Pineas
Phin:  I AM BUZZ!
Chloe:  No you not!  No you Not!
Phin:  Chloe, stop saying that
Phin:  Mommy, Chloe won't stop saying I'm not Buzz!

Imagine this occuring multiple times a day.  Headache inducing to say the least;)  But I know I'll miss it and when I step back, it's hilarious that this little butterball can make her rough and tumble brother cry at the drop of a hat.

2)  We were all in a hotel room together (lends for real quality sleep let me tell you!).  In order to make this work, Marc and I have to turn lights out along with kids (thank goodness for book lights and iphones;).  He and I were in the bathroom brushing our teeth.  Phin and Ava were to be changing for bed.  The bathroom door was open and we hear silliness, which is normal, but then we hear, "Anybody, want a penis? Anybody, want a penis?"

Pick your jaw up off the floor- yes, this is true.  We, of course, instantly investigate further and see Phin butt naked on the bed dancing around.  Ava and Chloe laughing hysterically.  We knew better than to laugh at the moment...I was honestly too horrified at the time to see the humor .  But he responded well to correction and it was obvious it was innocent...I just hope he outgrows this potty stage soon.  I now have worries that he'll do something absurd like this at school.  Where do these ideas come from? Certainly not from anything he sees and I am learning every day how LITTLE I understand boys!  (Though to be fair, I do remember thinking it was hilarious to show my butt to my sisters when I was really little...it probably is no different; I think it's just par for the course and there will be plenty more penis and poop jokes in the future;P  Aye Yaye Yaye!)

3)  Also in said, hotel...Marc slept with Phin and I with Ava...hoping to get the kids to sleep sooner.  Poor Marc was up ALL night.  Phin kept TICKLING him and patting his back.  Phin was up all night too and int he morning said, "I kept trying to play with Papa, but he was 'noring me!"  We told him he should have been sleeping too and Marc said, "Man I wish we had a camera set up.  This kid pestered me non-stop.  It's the kind of thing that would go viral on youtube."  Phin said,  "But I like to play with you papa, I don't want to sleep."

3)This morning I got up to go to the bathroom and noticed that two rubber snakes were staring at me from my bedroom door way.  I smiled and went back to bed.  I turned the light on to read a bit before making breakfast and starting the chaos that is my typical day.  A few minutes later, I hear in the loudest whisper you could possible imagine, "Ava!  Mommy's up!  Come watch THIS!"  I started laughing and said, "You stinker I already saw your snakes."  He responded with, "Oh! Man!"  I went back to my book and before I knew it I was hit with two snakes followed by hysterical laughter.

I am terrified of real snakes.  Not a little scared- but seriously phobic.  I break into a cold sweat even seeing pictures.  This morning was cute, but the day this kid brings a Garter snake into my house is the day you may have to call child protective service.

4)My children love the "Buddy" movies.  If you like a movie that resembles reality, you may have missed these blockbusters.  The Buddies are five dogs;  all kids of the famous movie star dog, Airbud.  They get in all sorts of mischief but always heroically fix it-  they've gone to space, on treasure hunts, etc.  I mean you're really missin' out if you haven't seen talking dogs in a space ship. 

My children play with five little puppy stuffed animals...all of them named after a "buddy".  I can't remember which stuffed animal is which, but they all know.  They are all technically Ava's toys, but usually she shares pretty well.  Chloe grabs them all as soon as Ava leaves for school.  Today, however, we couldn't find Rosebud.  She's the only girl buddy...and Chloe's favorite.  It was meltdown central ;round here.  Turns out, Ava is a bit sick of sharing and tucked Rosebud into her backpack and left her there during school.  When Chloe discovered this she said, with a head shake and much disappointment and disgust, "Oh, Ava!  Shame."

5)Our bedroom is turning into a family sleep quarters this week.  It think aggravated by being in a hotel room together and Marc's traveling during the week.  Ava always wakes me up and wants to describe her bad dream.  At three in the morning, I don't care...I always let her sleep on our couch after a dream so I usually try to rush the tale and get to the asking if she can sleep on our couch part.  Phin kindly doesn't say a word, he just comes in with his sleep stuff.  His coming is usually with the force of sheer terror however and his pound steps usually cause us to bolt awake.  This morning I noticed him on the floor but don't recall his arrival.  I asked him if he had a bad dream.  He replied, "Nope, I just like to all sleep together."  He was born into the wrong family.  We aren't into the co-sleeping thing...we'll be working on this one.  I'm kind of into the "our bedroom is OUR sanctuary" thing.

6) I suddenly heard massive crying coming from the playroom.  It was definitely the "I'm hurt" kind of cry.  It was followed by brothers crying and four feet running in my direction.  Before I could ask what happened, Phin cries, "Mommy, I didn't hit Chloe in the head with a bat"  (plastic bat, FYI)....um, sure you didn't, buddy.

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  1. I love it when they give away what they've done by telling you with great detail what they didn't do. I'll tell Liam he still has to apologize, even if he insists he didn't do anything to his brother and then he will specify the something he didn't do in his apology.