Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It is REALLY Happening!

Though we were stuck in passports longer than expected, we received an email today from the state department.  Christian has been given his visa appointment!  This is amazingly fast since only YESTERDAY were we notified that our immigration forms (required for visa) were approved (we filed these forms in order for him to be granted immediate citizenship).

The crazier thing?  His visa appointment is September 5.  ONLY A WEEK AWAY!

After lining up childcare for our children, we booked flights tonight!  We will fly to Port a Prince on September 19 and on September 21, we will fly home WITH our son.

It's is really happening.  In three and a half weeks our baby boy will be home forever.


  1. I have chills! What happy news! So, so excited you guys will be together for good in such a short amount of time!