Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chloe's Third Birthday

Apologies to my far away family for taking so long to get this posted;)  It totally feeds parental guilt about the third child being neglected...but I had a party and I have pictures....and I actually have had this post titled and saved SINCE June, but the pictures were lost in computer land, otherwise known as the cloud that my husband had to remind me of...oh and I have been moving...and now the excuses will stop because really if it gets on the blog at all, I think I win.

Chloe turned three on June 15.  It was a Saturday and so the day of her party, as well.  I always think it's an extra special thing for kids when their birthday party is on the actual day of their birth.  Chloe certainly was excited!

Chloe has been obsessed with Rainbows for a while.  Shortly after Ava's birthday she already started mentioning her own party and insisted on it being a Rainbow party.  How can happiness not simply abound when your dealing with rainbows?

Woo Hoo...let's get this party started!

I am THREE!!!

All three in their rainbow attire...(I am sure other mamas will understand this is the best of the 10 pictures I took trying to get them all looking an smiling...)

Rainbow table set and ready...

This rainbow is smiling, because the children will soon follow her to the her end....

Thank you Costco..

My friend Janan and I made rainbow ribbons

Craft table set up for arrival activity....paint dots and colors, with a decorate me table cloth and plenty of rainbow and unicorn pictures.

The stairs were so happy, we were tempted to leave the balloons up forever.

Ava made a welcome sign for Chloe's party;)

Me and my girls at the welcome table.  As guest arrived, they could come and decorate the table cloth or color pictures to take home...

Meanwhile, Jana decorated their nails and toes as rainbows.

 Once everyone arrived, we handed out rainbow ribbons and danced to rainbow music...Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Rainbow, etc.

This girl LOVES to dance

Next we did a balloon pop.  Each child popped a balloon and got to keep what prize came out

I had rainbow bracelets and balls in the balloons and the girls liked the prizes, but only a few liked the actual popping;)

Next we followed Ms. Rainbow to find her end and reach the pot of gold

I just used a really thick rainbow yarn and weaved it through a small obstacle course

Some kids followed better than others;)

But at the end they all got a bag of gold (chocolate gold coins)

Our little rainbow chasers;)

Then we made rainbow necklaces.  This was a "hit"- Chloe did not want to sit down and loudly yelled "I don't want a necklace."  Thank goodness Grandma stepped in and where Grandma is, Chloe the necklace ended up being liked after all and she still wears it;)

Party hat time...

She'd been SOO excited to blow out candles it was hard to wait for the end of the song!!!!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

This smile says it all;) But little did she know there was more!!  Chloe has had an imaginary rainbow house ever since we started talking about the move.  It must be her way of dealing with the change.  It's been fun to hear all about this house and the pink car that she drives there;)  It's a pretty happy, fun place to imagine and so grandma, brought it to life...

I don't quite think she knew what to do at first, she was pretty amazed...

but she moved in quickly;)

Chloe means verdant or vibrant and she certainly is.  Our prayer for her this year is to continue to learn to manage her emotions that often overwhelm her.  She has the ability to completely change the dynamic of a room based on her mood.  We pray she grows to utilize that strength to encourage and uplift and not to bring down.  We are thankful for her imagination, her silly ways, her love of music, books, and her family.  We pray this year she understands the love of God in a deeper way than storybooks and that her heart is open to hear his voice in her life.


  1. Kimmy! What a clever and creative party! I love seeing how everyone pitched in! She will always remember this!

  2. Amazing party ideas!!! You are so talented at this party throwing gig!!! Can I hire you? :)