Friday, January 4, 2013


It was very noticable to our hearts that our family was not complete on Christmas.  How wish Christian were home, but we know God's timing will be perfect.  Still he was part of the day in our hearts.   We had his jammies and the kids without prompting wrapped little things of their own to save for him.  It's exciting to think that most likely this time next year, he'll be with us!!

Christian Willy, you are loved and missed!

For Christmas we get the kids three gifts.  Each represents Gold, Frankincense or myrhh.  It keeps Christmas focused and simple.

The first present we open, however, is the baby Jesus...

 We talked about the hay we had placed in the manger all month long and how our hearts always need to be a place that welcomes Jesus.

And we sang some songs

We explained to our kids the meaning of their gifts.  The Frankincense was often used by priests in the temple so it had significance to his role as our high priest but it also had many every day uses for the body and was used in salves, for incense, etc.  It was practical and so this is a gift of something they need for their body.  For Ava- sock, Phin- mittens, Chloe- big girl undies.
The myrrh was used to embalm dead bodies, it signified that he came to die.  It was a symbol of the job God had placed in on the earth to do, of the spiritual focus of his life.  This is a gift of spiritual significance.  We gave Phin and Ava books and Chloe recieved a new Veggie Tales DVD.
Finally, the gold gifts.  Self explanatory- extravagant gifts.

For Ava- Felicity's (her american girl doll) bed
(A parent can't ask for a better reaction;)

 For Phin- PIZZA PLANET!!!

And chloe- well, Chloe got the complete dress up outfit from Pinkalicious and I have no idea why we don't have a here is one from her opening her undies, which she probably was more excited about anyway:)

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