Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas with family

Okay final Christmas, I can't believe I am done with this "to do" item;)  Next year I simply must try to blog real time because it sure it a daunting task after the fact;)

Christmas Eve (the real one;)  We decorate a birthday cake for Jesus.  This year, my mom elected to do cupcakes.

Chloe and Mia hard at work decorating;) 

Phin, Ava and Jordan doing a bit of decorating of their own... 

 Mommy and Chloe

My sister Karla and niece Mia.

And some other random family pictures...cuz I do love my familia.
Getting food ready...(in my handy dandy Christmas Apron....everyone needs one, I think.)

My grandma sent Phin a "Hot Potato" game.... 

FUN FOR ALL AGES, let me tell ya;) 

Phin got this same toy for our neighbor for HIS birthday and has wanted it for himself since then (July), he was DELIGHTED that my sister FINALLY got it for him;) 

My sisters and parents all went in together (we have a limit on what we can spend per person) and got Ava her second American Girl doll.  Felicity's best friend, Elizabeth.  She was completely shocked and stunned. 

My sister Katie and Bro-in-law Brian 

 organized chaos

 Ava got the privilege of reading the Advent Book this year...

 Cousins...and friends

 Karla received a shirt from my Grandma that was well...a bit big for her and perhaps not quite what she would by for herself, so her husband tried it on for size

It's true we're all 8 shades of crazy...and we wouldn't have it any other way;)


  1. Fun, fun! Oh my, where did you get Phin's shirt from? Eli got a real tie for Christmas (he was thrilled, I tell ya, because he's wanted one for so long). Obviously I won't let him wear it everyday, but a t-shirt with a tie on it I will.
    Oh, and Karla, (since I know you read Kim's blog) Mia is a doll! :)
    P.S. We didn't do a birthday cake for Jesus this year either-my mom opted for birthday cake truffles Grandmas rock!

  2. Loved reading your Advent finale and your Christmas highlights! Truly loved all your advent activites from the simple to the not-so-simple. Your children will remember these times always. And, I am in awe and full of anticipation thinking about how Christian will be physically part of these traditions bext year and can't help but picture him in your matching pj photo which asdmittedly made me grin ... big.