Friday, March 2, 2012

Too precious not to share

Ava is our artist.  She is always creating things.  At first it was just coloring pictures, but soon we had sculptures coming out of our eyeballs.  Recently, she has starting crafting things out of cardboard.  Our recycling doesn't stay put for long, she scavenges for "supplies" and creates castles with drawbriges and moats or boats or planes.

This morning I got up and she was in the kitchen making something out of a La Croix box.  I asked her what she was making today.  She answered in the sweetest nonchalant fashion, "Oh, I am just making the orphanage that our baby lives in."

She can explain it all... the little yellow peices of paper in side open up- they are sleeping bags;)  There is a garden on the roof, with a tent for shade cuz it's very hot there;)....and my VERY VERY favorite thing? 

It has all our names in a heart (Phin's name is underneath the tent), with an extra big purple heart because we don't know his name yet;)  and then it says, "i love you"...

PRECIOUS! Yet, I also wonder how she'll process the 2-3 year wait?  I didn't plan on her knowing yet, but she is an eavesdropper and heard our conversations;)


  1. What a sweetheart! Again, I too was an eavesdropper :)


  2. amazingly sweet! she will be the best big sister to him I think....thanks for sharing the pictures-it just melts your heart! -Karla

  3. Over and over again, I am moved by the tender heart God has placed within her. What a gift to have her eagerly anticipating right along with you! XO