Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Suess Silly Supper

It's Dr. Suess' birthday.  The very fact demands today be a silly supper day.  There are SOOO many ideas out there for this, so don't be surprised if I do a Dr. Suess birthday partyfor Chloe this summer, as well.

When a mama can have loads of fun, 
why, oh why, would she stop at just one?

note- there are a few extra children in the photos;)  We are watching our friend's kiddos this weekend.

 The kidos colored Dr. Suess placemats

I am sure you are shocked to learn we ate Green Eggs and Ham;)  The apple and cheese stick are the Truffalo Trees from The Lorax
 Blue Jello, with red candy fish "swimming" in it (Red Fish, Blue Fish)

 We read books Dr. Suess books throughout dinner...

 This is our godson, Jet, I was concerned he'd think the meal was babyish, but he had a good time with it and asked if he could read one of the books .  He chose to do our "pre-dessert" selection, Oh the Things You Can Think.
Dessert- "Schlopp with a Cherry on Top"....we had a sundae bar with three choices of ice cream and more toppings than anyone would care to read.  Phin is the only child that used all the toppings and surprisingly he ate it.  Apparently, blueberry syrup, hotfudge, and caramel blend well together...:P

We watched Horton Hears a Who after dinner (I planned on Hop on Popcorn during the show- but tummies were full, who knew they would actually eat green eggs...I was sure they'd be half horrified, but they loved them;)

This will be an annual thing, I think.  The kids loved it;)


  1. definitely doing this! too fun! -karla

  2. Kim, you never cease to amaze me! To think I live just steps from your wonder house of fun! I need to come over more often... Thanks so much for sharing all the fun things you do! I love reading them :)