Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent Day 13- Walking in a "winter" wonderland

Advent Day 13 message read:
Remember the Wisemen?  They saw the star and new it's significance because they were studying stars, they were looking and watching in expectation.  Today we will take a Winter Walk and look for ways we can see signs of God's handiwork in nature.  Tonight we will go outside again and look at the stars!

Walkin' through the woods behind our house, looking at all the interesting things that we can see even in winter. 

 Little miss Chloe LOVED the fresh air and running down the path...

Ava and Phin were very excited about the Deer tracks 

 AND the birds nest, which Ava was certain belonged to an owl....we spent a good chunk of time examining the earth below this nest for owl pellets.  (psst...I don't think it is an owl's nest, but she couldn't be swayed;)

 We really liked how God made paper right on trees and each took a small peice of Birch bark indoors
If you'll look closely, you'll see this one was Phin's;)

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