Thursday, February 12, 2015


It's my birthday and today was a great day.

My life is obviously pretty chaotic.  I am a mess, but I love and I am loved.  I couldn't ask for more.  Still, my family made today pretty special:

My kids came in bright and early (a bit too early perhaps;) singing Happy Birthday and bringing me their gifts that they have been dying to give me all week;)

Each gift fit them well.  Chloe got me a Barbie card and red purse.  Christian got me an Elmo card and a wonderful smelling candle.  Phineas got me a Rock star music playing card and Sunglasses.  It was Ava's gift that nearly had me in tears.  She's old enough to put a LOT of thought both into the message of her card and gift.

She wanted to spend her own money and she decided to plan a date for the two of us.  There was $5 in her card with a map for our special date. 

Her card says, "Mom, I may not always show it and sometimes I may blow it, but I want you to know it- I love you, Mom and I'll never outgrow it!  Happy Birthday."  and then my precious girl wrote, "Dear Mom, I chose this card because it is true that I may really blow it, but I love you no matter way.  I love you!  Happy Birthday.  Love, Ava"

I came down to Marc already playing the "Happy" station on Pandora and we danced a bit, one of my very favorite things to do with my hoodlums.  

Then my hubs had my favorite breakfast ready.  If I ever have to chose a dying last meal request- it would be chocolate croissants and Earl Grey tea with why not eat it while I am celebrating being alive;)

My sweet sisters watched my littles while Ava and Phin were at school and Marc and I went shopping and out to lunch....yay! for perusing Nordstrom Rack without children.

Dinner will make most people laugh.  I am a girl who loves food- fancy food and not fancy food and for some reason, often on my birthday comfort foods from childhood make me smile, so we had Totino's pizza;)  It is a guilty pleasure...we grew up on it.  It probably isn't even real cheese, but man, do I love it;)

(notice all the help I have blowing out one candle;)

Marco put the hoodlums to bed and he sat with me and watched Mom's Night Out.

(Ending each day with this of my favorite things;)

A day doesn't have to be fancy to be special.  My love tank is overflowing.  So often life passes by unnoticed, and I am thankful for birthdays and anniversaries that allow us an opportunity to stop and savor.  Today I am savoring the simplicity of just being in my own shoes.  I love that I am 38, comfortable with myself- well aware of the beautiful mess that is me, humbled by the way God uses that in ways that somehow bless others.  I love that I have a husband and a rockin' marriage that we have fought and worked for and can be proud of.  There is no one I'd rather have a lazy day with.  I love the four children that run me ragged but love me with every fiber of their tiny beings.  I love my extended family and dear friends.  Life is hard and broken- but I have a God who never leaves me and a legion of people who see me, get me, and love me anyway.  Happy Birthday indeed.

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