Sunday, June 22, 2014

World Cup Silly Supper

Today the USA is playing Portugal in the World Cup.  It's been so fun to see Marc and Phin watching the World Cup together, so I knew a silly supper was in order.

 Before Dinner they all got finger puppet soccer players to color (they didn't know yet that they were finger puppets;)

 Our ball plates and table cloth and the napkins were "yellow flags".

I made the juice boxes into soccer players with applesauce heads and raisin feet.  I used green construction paper to make place mats (later to be used:) and we had red and blue berries as a homage to the USA and cups filled with popcorn.  For our main "entree" I made pigs in the blanket and stuck american and Portugese tooth pick flags in them.  The dessert was simply chocolate soccer balls and Pepperidge Farm cookies (which I planned on making into soccer balls, but realized it would take me forever so I quit after three- LOL)

Oh, yes and I used guacamole and sour cream to make another soccer field for our chips;)

After we ate we used the finger puppets and chocolate soccer balls to play soccer on our place mats...such fun;)

Simple meal and great memories...another silly supper success!  I do have to report that the happiness did end in tears when Portugal tied the game at the end...Phin was so certain we'd won that the tie was devastating to his five year old lessons.

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