Friday, June 20, 2014

Adoption Update- Prayer Please;)

We've been doing really well...but at the moment we're in the middle of a hard spell.  Marc's been traveling weekly for a couple days since May and last week was gone all week in Ireland.  I think that trip was "the straw that broke the camel's back."  Christian struggled when he was gone, and this week is still struggling quite a bit.  We are having new episodes of potty accidents, many done quite purposefully (as in mom is in the middle of doing my sisters hair and can't hold me so I will take off my pants and poop on the floor in my bedroom).  He is chewing his hands and shirt a lot which he hasn't done since he first got home.  He is really clingly and extremely disobedient and defiant.  He needs lots of reassurance and love and affection and quite honestly those needs feel insatiable at the moment.  Nothing feels enough.  Really we just have to wait until the reassurance sets in.  I kind of feel like we are in triage again.  If you can just pray for his heart, it seems to have triggered into the abandonment complex.  In these moments, I just feel so inadequate.  We need Jesus.  He needs Jesus.  His a fragile and we are reminded his heart has a long way to go to experience full healing, but God is able and we'll just have to pull back from life and focus.  Just pray for patience, endurance, energy, compassion, and wisdom for us and for more healing to occur for our precious boy!


  1. you're on my heart tonight...and i just want you to know we're standing with your precious family from afar and praying you through, friend.

  2. Praying, sweet friend ... know you are not alone ... much love to you!