Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Relief

I referenced in a much earlier post that way back in March we became aware that Marc's job may require a short term (1-2 year) stint in San Francisco starting this summer.  It's been something that's been back and forth since then.  I feel like we've been in emotional limbo.  Today we received final word that the deal is dead, his job will remain the same for now.  Career-wise it would have been a really amazing opportunity but family wise it seemed just too much.  I cannot tell you the joy I feel this evening knowing we are staying put.  I am so thankful.  We have not settled here, really.  We were here just a few months before Christian came home and then right as things started to settle with him, we began waiting of final confirmation re. whether or not we'd be moving THIS summer.

Last week, it looked 98% certain we'd be moving in August.  Today is all fell through and it's 100% certain.  I can breathe easy.  No more packing and unpacking.  We can do work we've kind of put off not knowing if we'd invest any more in this house.  We don't have to find a school for our kids or a place to live there...I feel like we can finally enjoy summer knowing it's just summer and it's all ours.

If you have any degree of certainty in your life, say a pray of thanks.  I am reminded how difficult being in limbo is, waiting for answers....and just thanking God that the answers that came mean more stability for our family and staying at a church we love and continuing to live near my family!  It still doesn't completely feel like home here yet, but we're one more step closer, it seems!!!

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