Friday, May 16, 2014

My Ballerinas

My sweet girls had their ballet recital tonight.  They take lessons at a studio called "The Attic".  It is a christian studio and I was so impressed by the level of talent in their teachers and older students.  The entire recital was like a worship concert and my adorable daughters were the highlight of the show for me;)

Patiently awaiting her turn...

Chloe was realizing a dream...she was SO excited.

Chloe's crew...

She was just miserable on stage as you can tell...

They danced to "Oh Happy Day" and they could not have been more joyful!

Ava's class...

She was quite serious and concentrating;)

and beautiful!

They are a "dancing generation" to be sure!

Grandma found them pink and purple GLITTERED flowers...just perfect!

I can't believe these beauties are proud;)

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