Thursday, May 1, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Christian Willy!

It's Christian's 3rd birthday and he's HERE to celebrate.  We are elated!  ELATED, I tell you.

This little boy has turned our world upside down in countless ways.  He is a joyful soul with boundless energy.  I am SO proud to be his mama.

Christian has just started to show affinity to toys and characters and he has fallen in love with Elmo.

People ask if he understands what a birthday is...yes, he even knew to blow out his candle at the end of the song;)

He was quite pleased with himself!

 First, one must sample the frosting...

Soon, the cake was forgotten for the Sesame Street car cake toppers;)

His siblings got him an Elmo blanket and straw cup

He was pretty happy;)

Marc and I got him a black baby doll.

Christian spent the first two years of his life on the "baby" side of the creche. Even when he turned two and moved to the "big kid" side, he spent much of his day visiting because that is where Imelda, his favorite nanny, works.  He LOVES babies- both real ones and dolls.  I wanted to find a boy and with removable clothes for him to play with.  The best I could do was a life like newborn.

He was just amazed at how lifelike he was.

Quickly he decided to change his diaper...

This is the moment he discovered that this doll is anatomically correct...

He found it hysterical.

Happy Birthday, buddy.  You amaze us every day.  You are so intelligent, I am sure you'll have us running in circles in your teenage years.  Your laugh has turned the roughest days right.  Your resilience and perseverance in learning are inspiring.  In six months, you've begun to master the English language, learned to fully dress and undress yourself, learned colors and numbers, and countless songs.  You even threw potty training in this week before turning three- done, for the most part, on your own in two days.  I can't help but wonder how you'll continue to astound us in the year ahead.  You are simply remarkable.  We love you more than words can describe.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your handsome little man! He is remarkable ... and, you are a remarkable family ... love being in this wild adoption adventure alongside you (even if miles separate us, it's reassuring to know we are in it together). Much love to you!