Wednesday, May 14, 2014


It's been a bit of a bummer of a day.  Marc was out of town and I don't sleep so well, when he's gone.  I guess fatigue, allergies, and a rainy day just make for a bad day.  I thought it started out well, though, I got all the kids up and fed and out the door by 7:30.  Got Ava to school on time and often when Marc is gone, getting her there on time, usually involves a quick run through McD's so she can eat on the way.  Not this morning.  We have yogurt, apples, and cinnamon raisin toast and we left right on time.  SCORE!

Unfortunately it was a decline from there.  I got home to catch up on laundry only to be forced to confront how absolutely behind in laundry I was!  I don't think I have EVER been this behind.  I HATE laundry so I purposefully don't let myself get too behind...and today, I am on my 7th load.  I have commercial size washer and dryers so let's just face the facts that we could not have gone much longer without running out of clothes completely.  Sheets and towels are not getting their turn and hopefully by tomorrow we'll be back on track.

I sent the kids to pick up their rooms before their morning proud of myself for keeping on track with chores.  I went upstairs to discover that Chloe had shut a locked door...and furthermore realized for the first time (we've lived her since July), their door requires a KEY to unlock!  How did we not realize this before this moment?! Do I need to mention we do not HAVE the aforementioned required key.  It is still unopened.  The hinges are on the inside and the lock is front door quality my friends.  Marc has pried and pushed and almost broken the door itself (yes, I am married to a manly man).  We require a locksmith.  We'd heard the people who lived here before the people we bought it from went through a NASTY divorce- this explains the cut wires down in the basement and perhaps a top quality bedroom lock, as well.  Fan.tastic.

(Yes, my kid really is THAT can you really feel angry at a face like that?!)

My dear youngest child.  Potty trained in two days and in the first week and a half had ONE accident.  Currently, he is having multiple.  He pees his pants, then I put on a diaper and he keeps the diaper dry, so we try underwear again and within an hour, he pees his pants.  I think he finds it hilarious...except this afternoon, i stuck him in the empty tub and used the shower head to wash off poop after he pooed his pants.  He screamed and cried (yes, I kept the water cold, I wanted it to be uncomfortable)...take that little stinker.  I felt like I won for a moment, but then I saw his eyes, I think I have much more poo to look forward to after I pulled that stunt.  Time will tell....but his eyes clearly said, "Oh, did you not like that mommy, mental note taken....ha ha ha!"

Finally, I accidentally washed a dried my brand new perfect color dusky purple linen shirt.  I wore it once with white skinny jeans.  It used to be long and oversized.  This is how it looks now.  I think it shrunk up twelve inches and there is a whole now on the side seam....guess that HAND WASH ONLY tag meant something, huh?  Just completely missed it in the mound of clothing chaos.  SADNESS.

I do have to say, I also ran out of my Twinings Earl Grey AND Constant Comment teas- how did I possibly run out of BOTH without replenishing?  That looked to be travesty number 5, however, I got out the loose leaf Earl Grey with Lavender I ordered from Richardson's after loving it at a restaurant.  I ordered it over a year ago and rarely have felt motivated enough to deal with the mess of loose leaf.  Sure, I DID have to clean up the leaves, etc, but I remembered why I ordered it.  YUMMO!  Chocolate and Tea saved the day- gifts from heaven;)  Oh yes...that and my husband coming home;)  OH..and Survivor's on Tonight!  (I sure home the negative day doesn't mean Spencer, my favorite player, gets voted off

....better have chocolate ready just in case...)


  1. Ha ha! Am just reading this now :) There are no words for such a day as that... it's certainly one for the books!

  2. Just getting caught up on blogs since W fell asleep ;) Sorry you had a rough Wednesday, friend, but you write about it with such humor. The shirt picture almost made me cry laughing!