Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wreck It Ralph Birthday Party

I've been meaning to post pictures and details for a week;)  With the house on the market I am totally exhausted, and don't feel very eloquent.  This birthday party was a great distraction from our sort of crazy life and I am thankful for the creative outlet and my little girl's smile when it was all over.

The Food table- pizza was later added.  I got the Wreck it Ralph plates and napkins from Party City.  The play figures from the Disney store and wall clings from Amazon.  We had balloons galore floating in the room at the start of the party..

Gift bags.  I cut out print outs of Ava's favorite characters and wrote a hand written "Thank you for coming to my party".  Inside was a bit of candy, include these adorable mini size lollipops, bouncy balls, candy shaped erasers that were in the post valentine clearance at Target;), and bugs that grow when you soak them in water.
For cups I ordered plastic beer mugs and served Root Beer just like Ralph drank when visiting Tappers.

 This year we had an oreo ice cream cake and loved how the messy drizzle reminded us of Vanellope's car.  We simply stuck her and her race car atop the cake and it was perfect;)

Can't have a party without making the "You're my Hero" cookie medal that Vanellope gives to Ralph.  We didn't want to send the kids home too overloaded with sugar, so I wrapped them in candy bags and sent them home along with the gift bags.
In the living room, I had a table ready for kids arrival.  We got mini wooden race cars and let them color their own car while waiting for everyone to arrive.  I made a sample car to help them get their creative juices flowing.
Ava really wanted to dress up like Vanellope (which means Chloe did too), so we made Phin "Fix it Felix"  and Papa "Wreck it Ralph"....everyone is dressed and party ready- Mama's prep is done- let the party begin!

My kids and guest number one hard at work ;)  Note, in the background, I used wall decals all over, and placed the complete set of racers (from Disney Store) from the movie on the mantle. 
Marc served as our party MC...Ralph hands and voice added to the fun.  Here he is telling them about our party emergency.  We were going to play games, but we just found out Cybug invaded the party! 
For the kids who'd seen the movie, they knew how very dangerous Cybug can be.  They spread rapidly and turn into whatever they bite.  We gave the kids special green bags and sent them down stairs to find all the Cybugs so we could have a successful party.

I couldn't find the perfect Cybug...but I ordered spiders that jump when you touch them....there were plenty for each kid to find quite a few and they were able to take them home for future fun.

Next we played our own version of "Fix it Felix" in relay fashion.  We split the kids into two teams.  They had to put on Wreck it Ralph hands, say, "I'm gonna wreck it" and knock down the cardboard block wall.  Then say, "I am going to fix it" and fix the wall before returning to the end of their line and sitting down.

 It really displayed the boys' wrecking skills, and most of the girls were a bit too meticulous in fixing...rather funny to watch;)

Next, we returned upstairs to play "Pin the Medal on Ralph".  My talented hubby drew me a Wreck it Ralph. 

And the kids took turns pinning on their medal.

 (Phin inspecting his placement after the blindfold was removed.)

Finally, we played Musical "Double Stripe".  This was our verson of musical chairs, except there was a chair for every child.

The music played (from the soundtrack of the movie, of course); and the children walked around.

When the music stopped, they had to sit down.  All the chairs had a peppermint stick print out, taped to them.  The child who landed on the "Double Stripe" had to sit in the Green slime, just like Ralph fell into when he grabbed the Double Stripe branch.

The kids kind of liked the slime...which was just a green plastic table cloth;)  They were cute, yelling "DOUBLE STRIPE" when the music stopped;)

Next we had our Tappers Rootbeer and Pizza, though I forgot to take a picture;)
And then it was time for CAKE!

 SEVEN candles- where does time go?!

And finally, present opening time...before open play until parents came to pick their children back up.  Thankfully, all children were returned to parents in one piece:)
Happy Birthday, Ava.  We adore you and are so delighted with what a beautiful lady you are becoming ;)


  1. SO FUN! We have watched Wreck it Ralph three times this weekend, three times! I feel like we are having all of our conversations in Wreck It Ralph quotes!!!

    Happy Birthday to your Ava!!!!

  2. What an awesome birthday - I need to bring you to Michigan to throw one for Liam this summer ;)

  3. Love your party games. Where did you get those bricks? My daughter wants this party in a few months so I am getting ready now.

  4. I got the bricks from Amazon a few different people make them. I borrowed a second set from a friend.

  5. Great ideas! This is by far the best ideas I have found researching W.I.R. parties! By chance can you tell me where you got the wooden cars?? Thanks in advance!

  6. Thanks, Kristi. I got the wooden cars at Oriental Trading Company. Here is the link;)

  7. My twin girls are obsessed with W.I.R!! You did such an awesome job! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Awesome party! Where did you get those wreck it Ralph hands?