Saturday, October 25, 2014

Phin's Birthday Party

Sweet Phineas is now six year old.  My chubby baby is not a lean young man with an active imagination, a great sense of humor, and a certain affinity for video games.  He bounds through life with joy and truly is living up to his the meaning of his name...his is compassionate and concerned for others welfare.  We couldn't be more proud.

The theme for his Super Six year old bash was Angry Birds and it ranks at the top of fun parties to plan for this mama.  From decor to game, it was a blast to put together and Ava found great pleasure in assisting me.

Ava making mere balloons into Angry Birds for our decor.

Phin LOVED the finished product;)

Our Food table

Gift bags contained stickers, sling shots, and rubber birds.

We first played Angry Bird Bingo

I used a free printable bingo game with the large piece from a pack of angry birds confetti

I found these angry birds masks at Party City and kind of fell in love with them...they still crack me up;)

The boys had to line up for the Main Event...a life size Angry Birds game

My mom collected boxes from work for me and we used green balloons as our pigs.

My dad build a giant cling shot and I found angry birds balls on amazon.

Phin and his Video Game partner loved having a game brought to life

Little borther loved it too;)

Cupcakes were the request from sweet Phin...which "not too sweet" frosting

We fit in a game of pin the tail on red bird before presents.

I have to say, I am so excited about the group of boys he is in school with- they were sweet and well behaved.

My family....always a key part of making birthday parties a success.  Phin is one loved son, nephew, grandson;)

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