Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting back ME

I started weight watchers last Monday. Working out and just trying to cut back on my own wasn't working. I need accountability. It's been interesting. I didn't realize, until I started recording every little thing I ate, that my eating habits had gotten so weird.

I rarely eat a good lunch or breakfast because I am rushing taking care of the kids, etc. Then when I am starving at night I eat too much right before bed. Just fixing that has uprighted my metabolism, I think. I feel so good.

If I blog about this, there is even more accountability. So wk. 1 update- weight loss=3 lbs. Which I AM THRILLED about. I have 5 lbs. to go until I am at pre-Chloe weight and 1o-15lb.s until I am in my goal range. If I lose 20- I'll be at my wedding weight, but since I am no longer 23, I don't care too much about that;)

The new weight watchers program is great. It isn't easy to do in some sense cuz you need their calculator to figure out points, but I have not felt hungty and unable to eat anything. I feel satisfied and healthy. I am eating more fruits and veggies and drinking more water because they have little boxes online I check every day and as silly as it sounds, I get so motivated to get the right number checked and see the little blue smiley face appear. Who knew a little blue happy face would make ME so happy. More than anything, once I got over craving coke and chocolate (which I can still have as a treat if I play my day right), I feel so good and like myself again. This is how I used to eat and my kiddos threw me for a loop; I started grazing and going for grab-n-go items. This is good. I feel comfortable in my own skin again just cuz I am taking care of myself. Go me!

(P.S. I may take a bathing suit picture of myself for "before" and "after" just for fun...but I am not posting it until the after, cuz there is no need for self humiliation. Let's just focus on the positive motivation for now;)


  1. Kim, I did Weight Watchers before I got pregnant with #3 and I LOVED it and fully intend on getting back on it after the baby is born (well, not TOO soon after the baby is born)... I went on it before all of the changes, so I'm curious to see how it works. I lost 15 lbs on it and felt terrific! I think it's a great program.

  2. Kim, this is sort of how the blood sugar diet works as well. You have to spread out your carbs pretty evenly over snacks and meals and have to eat at specific times of day. It really does make you feel so much better to have "proper" meals, eh?

    Good going on your first week!

  3. 3 pounds is great! You're doing so well-way to glad to hear that you are starting to feel good in your own skin again. I really believe you are gonna be struttin' your stuff on the beach this vacation (in a completely humble way of course) :)Karla